Disco Tone

GLOW Studio 2800 West Main St, Salem, VA

Join Josh Hazlewood at Glow Studio and get your cardio on in a fun way! A high energy combination of disco dance, cardio aerobics with weight resistance training for muscle tone. Please bring your own hand weights.


13th Octave LaHoChi Training, levels 1 & 2, Salem Virginia

GLOW Studio 2800 West Main St, Salem, VA

EXPERIENCE THE NEWLY EXPANDED AND AMPLIFIED 13TH OCTAVE LAHOCHI ENERGY. Eilis is one of two teachers approved by Linda Dillon and the Council of Love to teach the 13th Octave LaHoChi.​​​ This magnificent gift is the anchoring of our divinity in physicality, as we move from the ascension process to the creation process. 13th Octave […]